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Creative Practice as Research:

Intertextual Processes in Dramatic Adaptation


My creative practice as a writer and theatre maker constitutes my research. Most of my representative works to date are theatrical adaptations that engage a variety of cross-cultural, intertextual, and intermedial relationships. Included in this packet is also a work-in-progress that employs similar adaptation processes to a television project. An imperative to interrogate cultural assumptions and social inequities through a queer lens fuels every endeavor in my creative practice.    


Two professional producing entities have been my primary creative homes since 2007:

About Face Theatre (We Three Lizas, Packing, Leather Daddies) is a nationally recognized LGBTQ-focused nonprofit theatre based in Chicago. Scott Bradley has been an About Face Artistic Associate since 2010.


The Scooty & JoJo Show is a commercial production company founded by Scott Bradley and producer Jonny Stax to develop live multidisciplinary spectacles. For a catalog of its production history visit Scooty&JoJo portal on my professional website.


Materials are linked below:


  1. Leather Daddies (Work-in-Progress) – musical book/lyrics

    1. Producer landing page

    2. Song Samples

    3. Published interview in Country Queer Magazine

  2. Sex Crime Panic (Work-in-Progress) – television adaptation writer

    1. Pitch deck

  3. Packing – writer/performer

    1. Press reviews pack

  4. We Three Lizas – musical book/lyrics   

    1. Producer pack: credits, bios, press

  5. Marry Me A Little – director, academic production

    1. Cornell College published article

  6. The Wood Problem – writer/director, academic project and panel

    1. Published interview

  7. Directing Portfolio

    1. Directing Resume

    2. Selected productions: images, credits, and press quotes

  8. Playwriting Resume

  9. Acting Resume



For more examples of my creative practice, press, and media samples, visit  

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