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The Scooty & JoJo Show


Chicago Tribune's "2008 Best of the Fringe"

Book and Direction by Scott Bradley

Band Leader: Chris Zonada

Costume Design:  Steven Newmes

Scenic Elements: Scott Bradley

Sound & Hair Design:  Eric Daly

Producers: Charis Boyd, Scott Bradley, Cassandra Damm, Steven Newmes, Pat Smith & Jonny Stax

Cast: Charis Boyd, Scott Bradley, Jonny Stax, Clayton Faits, Michael S. Miller, Suzy Nelson, Calidonia Olivares, Jefrey B. Wilkerson, Chris Zonada

With MOLLYWOOD, Scooty & JoJo set their sights on the first significant cinematic fables of Generation X:  the John Hughes teenpics of the mid-80s.  The ultimate John Hughes muse Molly Ringwald is having a bad day.  Her family has forgotten her sixteenth birthday, she has no date for the prom, and she just got a whole day's detention. What's a girl to do?  Sing!


MOLLYWOOD fused the characters, storylines, and soundtracks of "Sixteen Candles", "The Breakfast Club", and "Pretty in Pink" into a campy lampoon and love letter to the sacred cows of an entire generation.


“To see this group fully immersed in the lampoon lagoon of Molly Ringwald’s cinematic heyday is to see them at their best.

– Nina Metz, Chicago Tribune

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