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The Scooty & JoJo Show

Carpenters Halloween

Critic’s Pick and Around Town “Don’t Miss” Event - TimeOut Chicago

“A surprise cult hit.  See for yourself this Halloween Season.”

- Kerry Reid, Chicago Tribune

~1468211980~LaurieShape 2010.jpg

Conceived and Directed by Scott Bradley

Musical Direction and Arrangements by Jonny Stax (2007); by Brent Moore (2008-2010)

Costume Design: Bill Morey

Scenic elements: Scott Bradley & Michael Miller

Cast members 2007-2010: Scott Bradley, Charis Boyd, Libby Lane, Zach Geoffroy, Patricia Austen, Ryan Guhde, Annie Gloyn, Michael S. Miller, Amanda Kayla Kahn, Marcus Kenyadi, Anne Litchfield, Michael S. Miller, Christopher Paul Mueller, Eric Pogrelis, Jenny Rachel Weiner

Band members: Brent Moore - Guitar, Nick Davio - Guitar, Jill Waycie - Keyboard, Eric Engelson - Drums

CARPENTERS HALLOWEEN is the twisted, camped-up musical tribute to John Carpenter's original horror classic about a disturbed young man who disfigures a William Shatner mask and then turns his knife on hot teenage babysitters one Halloween night, 1978.  Plain but pretty Laurie Strode and her two frisky girlfriends learn quickly that the road to romance is not a smooth ride.  How better to reflect the conflicted feelings of young love and slashed hope in the '70s than with the musical stylings of Karen and Richard Carpenter?

“We were laughing so hard at this dynamic duo’s slasher spoof, Carpenters’ Halloween, that we had pinot noir coming out of our noses (eww).  We’re waiting with bated breath to see if lighting strikes twice.” – TimeOut Chicago


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